Scented fabric softener for all types of clothing

Effective softening agent for all kinds of fibres, which gives them a pleasant smooth and fresh feel.

Product formulated with cationic surfactants that reduce the static electricity of fibres, and thereby softens clothing, and makes drying and ironing easier, increasing the sponginess of the fabric.

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  • The formula nourishes and moisturises the fabric fibres from within
  • Long-lasting fragrance 
  • Eliminates static electricity. Helps reduce creases and makes clothing easier to iron 
  • Revives the original colours of the garments 
  • Provides a pleasant feeling to the touch. Leaves clothes soft and fragrant

Product to be added before the final rinse.

Depending on the type of fabric, the amount of clothing to be softened and the water capacity of the washing machine, the recommended dosages per kg of dirty clothes range from 4g to 7g of product.


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