Concentrated washing powder for all types of clothing

High quality spray-dried powder detergent with reduced foaming tendency.

It is available in the form of white-coloured, highly-soluble fine grain.

It can be used in all types of water due to its high sequestering power. The minimum temperatures that will yield positive results are 40 - 50 ºC.

Format: 25Kg

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89,24 € IVA Inc.

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  • Advantages

  • Usage

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  • Highly atomised so it dissolves more easily 
  • Strong stain removing properties
  • Reduced foam, making it easier to rinse clothes 
  • Its optical brighteners means that it provides unrivalled whitening for clothes

The amount to use depends on the degree of soiling, water hardness and the washing system.

Recommended Dosages

Depending on the water hardness:

  • Normal soiling: 5 to 16 g/kg dry clothes.
  • Heavy soiling: 16 to 18 g/kg dry clothes.

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