Liquid detergent for washing and prewashing delicates and colours

Gel-form liquid detergent, specifically devised for the washing of delicate coloured garments, woollens, silk, lingerie, etc.

The formulation of this product brings together a complex and balanced mix of surfactants and antiredeposition sequestering agents specially designed for the washing of clothes and delicate garments, with exceptional results in synthetic fibres as well as wool blends.

Format: 5L

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  • Detergent specially designed for washing delicates
  • Can be used for both hand and machine washing 
  • Contains a high level of active materials and sequestering agents that make it the perfect product for washing wool, silk, etc. retaining the natural feel of the fabrics

Hand wash

Dosage of between 25 ml and 40 ml of product per 5 litres of water.

Machine wash

Dosage for 1.5 kg of dry clothes is between 25 ml and 50 ml of product, depending on the water hardness.

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