DETERBIL L-200 20litres

Liquid detergent for washing and prewashing all garments

Concentrated liquid detergent for industrial washing and prewash of any type of clothing with automatic or conventional machines for temperatures of up to 60-70 ºC, and it can be used in automatic detergent dosage systems.


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  • Highly concentrated detergent rich in active materials, whose power to remove stubborn stains (blood, fruit, etc.) is improved by the presence of enzymes.
  • Strong wetting power
  • Suitable for the pre-wash and wash stages
  • Contains enzymes to improve the cleaning power and optical brighteners that do not turn the clothes yellow and strengthen the whitening power of conventional detergents.
  • Eliminates the most stubborn stains (blood, sauces, fruit, etc.)
  • Product for industrial use 
  • Pleasant fragrance

Select the appropriate temperature of 30 to 70°C.

Depending on the degree of soiling and the water hardness, the recommended dosages (g of product per kg of laundry) are:

Degree of soiling

  • Light 9-12 (hard water), 5-7 (soft) 
  • Moderate 12-14 (hard water), 6-9 (soft) 
  • Heavy 14-16 (hard water) 8-10 (soft)

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