Highly concentrated multifunctional degreaser

It is a highly concentrated product that efficiently degreases any kind of surface. .

It dissolves oil and grease immediately, reducing cleaning time and effort. It can be used cold or hot.

Format: 5L

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  • Advantages

  • Usage

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  • Highly concentrated multi-purpose degreaser
  • Effective for cold or hot cleaning (up to 50°)
  • Does not emit fumes, low toxicity
  • Designed for removing all types of grease
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors

Can be used by spraying or by hand. In both cases, leave the product to work for a while before removing it by wiping with a cloth or mop.


  • Light/medium soiling: Dilute to 5%.
  • Heavy soiling: 20% to undiluted (burnt-on dirt)

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