Acid stripper

Paint-stripping detergent with surfactant and abrasive components that help eliminate stuck-on cement, rust, glue, gum, etc. from hard surfaces in an easy and effective manner.

It does not damage coatings and provides makes paint-stripping processes fast and highly efficient.

Format: 5L

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28,12 € IVA Inc.

23,24 € sin IVA


  • Advantages

  • Usage

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  • Effortlessly removes dirt
  • Strong wetting power
  • It removes the built-up layers of dirt in a single application
  • Removes remains of cement, rust, old emulsions, mineral salts, etc. 
  • Effective at very low concentrations
  • Use by hand or with a rotary machine 
  • High performance: 1 litre for 50-100 m2

Apply to a clean floor by hand or using a rotary machine with a colour pad (brown or black), depending on the hardness of the floor and the dirt to be removed.


For large build-ups.


  • 100 cc of product in 10 litres of water for cleaning at the end of construction work or similar.
  • 50 cc of product in 10 litres of water for maintenance cleaning or mild build-ups.

After application, rinse the floor with clean water.


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